ECCO's scientific activities


    The SCICOM made an inventory of all ECCO members, by means of a "WHO-IS-WHO" manual which was published in April, 2005. This book will be of great help for the organization of scientific projects and for rapid electronic communication between SciCOM and the centres. This will facilitate a bidirectional transference of know-how and facilitate the access of young scentist to be trained in translational research. The SciCOM is also acting as a consulting board to assist the biomedical industry in their selection process of clinical trial centres.

    Chairman: Daan Hommes (the Netherlands)


      Yehuda Chowers (Israel)
      Simon Travis (United Kingdom)
      Severine Vermeire (Belgium)
      Daan Hommes (The Netherlands)
      Walter Reinisch (Austria)

    Representative EC-IBD

        Reinhold Stockbrügger (the Netherlands)