Welcome to the New Website of ECCO, the European Crohn's and Colitis Organization

Mission Statement

Ecco will strive for an optimization of care for patients with IBD in all aspects.

As part of this mission Ecco will adopt and further all efforts that lead to an improvement of the
use of current therapies and procedures. Main aims include the developments of guidelines with highest
possible process and content quality and joint efforts to define better and more valid outcome parameters
for the therapy of IBD.

Further aspects of the mission include the promotion of specialist, postgraduate education in IBD and
the promotion of scientific projects in IBD. Such promotion can include intellectual input, funding
and joint training using an Ecco defined curriculum. Ecco's visibility will be always as an organisation
and not as the individuals making up Ecco. With all its activities the name of Ecco will stand in the
world of Gastroenterology for the highest possible level in quality and full impartiality in the results.